Policies & Procedures

Apartment Keys

We recommend that you leave a set of your apartment keys with the Superintendent for use in emergency situations only. All keys are kept in a locked cabinet, which the staff will access, in emergency situations. If your apartment is accessed in emergency situations, the Superintendent will inform you of the reason and the action taken. If you opt not to leave your keys with the Superintendent, any expense or damages incurred in gaining access to your apartment in the event of an emergency will be your responsibility. This includes the cost of a locksmith or any other damage to your door. Please keep in mind that this request is in the interest for the safety, health and well being of all residents. Keys left at the front desk for nannies, housekeepers, dog walkers, or any other visitor, must be picked up when you return to the building at the end of the day. The staff nor the 200 East 16th Street Housing Corp. can be responsible for keys left at the desk over night. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Bike Storage Room

Bike storage is available on a first come, first served basis. The cost is $125 per year, payable in advance. Terms and conditions are detailed in the agreement form which is available here or from the managing agent.

Apartment Repairs

The cooperative corporation, with the assistance of the Managing Agent, is responsible for the maintenance and repair to all building systems. This includes the plumbing, heating and electrical sources within the walls of your apartments, the building’s exterior walls, roof and parapet walls, all doors and walls of the public hallways, stairwells and basement. All repairs must be requested via the Maintenance Request forms, which are available here or from the lobby attendant. These Maintenance Requests are to be completed and returned to the lobby attendants or directly to the Superintendent, who is responsible for responding to all requests. Please report all complaints of building systems directly to the Managing Agent. The Managing Agent is responsible for making the necessary arrangements to have the repairs made and must report those repairs which require the assistance of outside contractors in excess of $1,500 to the Board of Directors. Forms and Documents


To schedule an appointment with the building exterminator please see the Doorman for the signup sheet..

Moving In/Moving Out

You must clear all moves in and out of the building with the Managing Agent in advance and pay a security deposit of $500.00. If you are a current shareholder who intends to sell or sublet your apartment, both you and your purchaser or subtenant are responsible for this deposit. The Managing Agent will hold security deposits in escrow to cover damages to the building. All moves must be scheduled with the Superintendent and can only take place between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday – Friday excluding holidays. Any move that continues past these hours will result in a charge equal to the hourly rate for the porter or superintendent. However, no move may proceed after 5:00 pm under any circumstances. The passenger elevator may not be used for the moving of any household goods at anytime. All moves must go through the service entrance. A certificate of insurance must be provided by the moving company and must name Orsid Realty Cooperation and 200 East 16th Street Housing Corp. as additionally insured.

Mail and Package Delivery

The building staff only accepts UPS deliveries and other forms of overnight mail as a courtesy to residents. The staff accepts the packages and logs them into the package book. Residents must sign for all packages received. The Cooperative Corporation accepts no liability for damage to or the misplacement of these items.

Security and Safety

You are requested to follow the following procedures:

  • When you go away, please advise the superintendent in writing with written instructions on the collection of your mail and newspapers during your absence.
  • While you are away, visitors will not be permitted to enter your apartment unless you have left written authorization with the Superintendent. This includes caretakers of plants and animals who may visit the apartment on a daily basis. Any visitor staying in your apartment more than thirty (30) days will be considered a sublet and y
  • ou must follow the rules for subletting outlined in the Sublease Application Package.
  • Always leave written instructions with the Superintendent if workmen are to be admitted to your apartment. These instructions must include the names and the date and time that the workmen are expected. Under no circumstances can you give the keys to the main door to any workmen or visitors.
  • The building is in no way responsible for damage caused by your visitors or workmen and the cost of repairs will be billed to the responsible Shareholder/tenant. Any renovations or construction or construction to an apartment, which is sublet, must be approved by the Shareholder in writing.
  • Fire doors must never be propped open and stairways must be kept free of items likely to block the stairways. This practice not only endangers the lives of others, it is against the law.

Trash and Recycling

New York City has enacted strict guidelines for the proper recycling of certain items. Presently these include glass, plastic, aluminum cans, magazines, corrugated boxes and newspapers. There are garbage and recycle receptacles on the West stairway landing on each floor. If you find that the receptacles are filled, please call the doorman at 212-254-7334 and request that the garbage be emptied. In addition, you can bring your garbage to the basement. If you have a large amount that will not fit in the receptacle, please bring it to the basement or call a staff member to remove it from your apartment.

Maintenance Payments

All maintenance payments are technically due on the first of every month. However, the Board of Directors has instituted a grace period until the 10th, after which time a $50.00 late fine is imposed. The late fine is assessed for all payments received by the bank after the 10th and neither the Managing Agent nor the Board of Directors will be responsible for the US Postal Service. In addition to paying by check, ACH or RPS (Remittance Payment Processing), you have the ability to pay online directly from your checking or savings account. For details please contact the Managing Agent. All billing inquiries are to be directed to either the Managing Agent or the Collection Manager in the agent’s office. The Managing Agent is required to bring to the Board of Directors attention to all Shareholders who are delinquent in their maintenance obligations. The Managing Agent is responsible for instituting legal action against all Shareholders who are two months behind in their financial obligations to the cooperative corporation. The Board of Directors will ultimately decide on disputes regarding payments.

Resale Procedures

The Purchase Application is available here or from the managing agent. The application requires personal and financial information needed by the Board to assess the prospective purchaser. Please return completed applications to the Managing Agent for review. After the Managing Agent reviews and verifies the information submitted, they will set up an interview with the Board of Directors. The Managing Agent will notify the purchaser’s attorney of the Board’s decision and, if approved, a closing date will be scheduled. The Purchase Application package requires the completion of certain required documentation assembled into seven (7) copies with one original. See the Purchase Application for details. The following fees are payable upon submission of the Purchase Application Package (see application package for details):

  • $350.00 Processing Fee payable to The Lovett Company
  • $75.00 Credit Report Fee payable to The Lovett Company
  • $500.00 Move in/out Deposit, $500.00 of which is refundable
Please note that closing costs have not been included on this schedule. Upon sale approval, closing fees are provided to both parties. Purchasing Form

Sublet Procedures

Any Shareholder requesting to sublet their apartment must own shares in the Corporation for a period of at least one year. The Sublet Application is available here or from the managing agent. The application requires personal and financial information needed by the Board to assess the prospective subtenant. This package must be completed in its entirety and returned to the Managing agent for review before it is presented to the Board and an interview is scheduled. The Sublease Application Package requires the completion of certain required documentation assembled into seven (7) copies with one original. See the Sublease Application for details. The following fees are payable upon submission of the Sublet Application Package (see application for details):

  • $350.00 Processing Fee payable to The Lovett Company
  • $75.00 Credit Report Fee payable to The Lovett Company
  • $500.00 Move in/out Deposit, $500.00 of which is refundable.
Effective March 1, 2010, a sublet fee in the sum of twenty percent (20%) of the annualized maintenance must be paid together with the submission of the Sublease Application when a shareholder sublets their apartment. If a shareholder sublets for more than two years, whether concurrently or not, a fee of twenty five percent (25%) of the then current annualized maintenance must be paid for the third year and any subsequent years. If the Sublet is approved, this Sublet Fee is then non-refundable and if for example, the Subtenant vacates the premises prior to the end of the Sublease term for any reason whatsoever, there will be no refund of any pro-rata portion of the Sublet Fee. The check for the fee will be returned in the event the sublet is not approved. Check is to be made payable to: 200 East 16th Street Housing Corp. The Managing Agent will notify the Shareholder of sublease expirations at least two (2) months in advance. Please Note: All Sales and Subleases require Board approval. All Sale and Sublease packages and policies are subject to change. You can find the Sublet forms here.


There are two types of renovation forms, Simple and Standard. The forms can be found here.


Application for refinancing your present loan amount at a lower interest rate as well as for refinancing any amount in excess of your current loan amount including a Line of Credit, Home Equity Loan or First Mortgage, can be found here.

Home Insurance

Proof of insurance must be provided to this office prior to closing evidencing Public Liability/Personal Injury in the amount of $200,000 per accident and $50,000 for Property Damage per accident; Water Damage Insurance in the amount of $5,000 if Casualty Insurance does not cover water damage; Casualty Insurance on the contents of the apartment of at least $25,000. All such insurance policies shall name the Cooperative Corporation (200 East 16th Street Housing Corp.) and the Managing Agent (Orsid Realty Cooperation) as additional insured. Should your insurance carrier have a problem obtaining such coverage, please contact the Building’s carrier, Steven Principe of Nationwide Insurance at (516) 221-2599.

Air Conditioners

Through-the-wall air conditioner guidelines are available in the Document Library or from the managing agent. All air conditioners must be properly braced. Service for air conditioners must be performed by licensed repair companies who can provide adequate liability insurance to the Managing Agent.

Laundry Room

The laundry room is located in the basement. The laundry room may be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Pursuant to the New York City Fire Code, barbecuing is strictly prohibited. Any violation of the fire code could result in a penalty or fine by the Board of Directors. Nothing may be placed, embedded, nailed, screwed, or attached to the parapet walls. This includes, but is not limited to, all planters, trees and flower boxes, which are prohibited according to New York City local laws. We request that you exercise care when using your terrace to ensure the safety of all residents, guests, building staff, vendors and pedestrians. Please remove all debris that may get clogged in the terrace drains and remember to keep your terrace in a good clean and safe condition.


Any Shareholder may have dogs, cats or birds as pets provided such pet does not create a nuisance. In no event shall dogs be permitted on elevators or on the public portions of the building without a leash or carried. No pigeons, bird or animals shall be fed from the windowsills, terraces, balconies or other public portions or on the sidewalks or street adjacent to the building.

Open Houses

If you are planning an open house please comply with the following requirements:

  • Notify the super in writing, in advance, so he knows of the potential for additional traffic through the building.
  • Have a representative in the apartment.
  • Have a representative in the lobby to accompany prospective residents to the apartment and back down to the lobby.
  • Tell prospective residents that they are not allowed to loiter in the lobby.
  • Keep open houses to a reasonable hour.

Moving Large Objects

Items must meet all of the following criteria to be transported in the elevators without prior approval by management:

  1. The item is of a size that it will fit on the hotel cart
  2. The item can be lifted onto the hotel cart by one reasonably fit adult
  3. Loading and unloading does not require holding the elevator for more than 60 seconds
  4. The item does not have sharp edges or corners that could damage the elevator or injure other passengers
If an item does not meet all of these criteria the move must be approved, in advance, by the building Superintendent. Management may require that the move be done by an insured professional mover.

House Rules

The House Rules can be found in the Document Library.

Smoking in Apartments and Common Areas

In compliance with Local Law #147 the Board, in August 2018, adopted and incorporated into the House Rules the following smoking policy:

“Smoking is permitted inside apartments, provided that such smoking does not cause smoke to emanate from the apartment into the common areas of the building or into other apartments. Lessees shall take all reasonable precautions (including the installation, at the Lessee’s expense, of special ventilation equipment or the sealing of walls and floors) to eliminate smoke leaving their apartment and entering the apartments of other Lessees or common areas of the building. No Lessee or member of the Lessee’s household or guests, or invitees of the Lessee shall smoke in any common areas, entrance ways, or courtyards of the Building or on any stairwell, terrace and/or balcony. No cigarette butts shall be thrown from any window or terrace.”

Furthermore, anyone found smoking an illegal substance in the building may be held in

violation of the proprietary lease and subject to all remedies and actions, criminal and/or civil, available to the co-op.

Your attention to this serious matter is appreciated.